Vision :via delivering Safe, Meaningful and Beautiful Tattoo. 🙂 Happy clients

Overview :
LSD TattooWorld was established in 2010 and the studio currently has Five Professional Artist who are trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety to all of our clients. Artist are specialized in Different category of Tattoos i.e. Black & Grey, Media Cartoon and Anatomical, Realism, Maori, Traditional, Japanese, Eastern, Tribal, Portrait, Old School, Polynesian, Mechanical styles.
Our artist can create custom work as well, almost any design you can imagine can be made into a beautiful tattoo. Bring all your ideas and references…postcards, printouts, photo, etc. to create your own custom body art.
Artist not only expert to do tattoo they also provide numbers of design option as well give guidance which helps you to finalized your desire tattoo and advise you to how easily you can finalize your meaning full tattoo. Artist comes with personal hygiene all time.
Studio premises come like doctor place, kept in a clean and hygienic condition at all time. Tattoo areas which include tattoo bed, armrest, chair, tattoo machine table all time we clean between each client and a clean covering placed over the tattoo surface. We prevent cross contamination, all products Vitamin A&D, Green Soap, Heal it, ink with single use containers, new needle (mentioned mfg. and expire date with EO Gas ), Gloves, Tissue Paper, etc. use for each client like no double dipping.

We use all certified products which helps to avoid any kind of skin problems in future.
For any firm money is the primary requirement but we keep it secondary as we believe into earn client not earn money first.

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