Big4 Reasons why you  Should choose 

LSD Tattoo World ?           


LSD provide Photoshop/3D Modeller/Digital Panting/Matte Painting Professional, who can help you to create a unique /distinctive design for your dream tattoo. Even they can convert your imagination into reality. LSD Team help you to finalise the perfect size, perfect placement, even show the temp stencil so that your visualization would be high. As in India only few tattoo studios are very concern about your tattoo design and placement because it’s all about permanent tattoo. LSD never recommends Tribal Tattoo/ Angel/Butterfly/Dad Little Girl/ traditional heart etc.


LSD provide professional experienced artist who are skilled with many art i.e. Maori Tattoo, Old School Tattoo, 3D Tattoos, Abstract Tattoo, Polynesian Tattoo, Cover-up Tattoo, Dot Work, Semi/ Portrait Tattoo, Line Work Tattoo, Geometrical Tattoo, Bio-Mechanical Tattoo, Script Tattoo etc. They can convert your vision into reality. LSD Artist has many years’ experience of tattooing, calm & familiar, highly paid. They have good hold of machine and we assured artist will not cross the dermis skin layer as it will come up with important result, your tattoo will heal within two weeks and will not that much painful. LSD use high quality product & advance machine & equipment. LSD artist create tattoo shade as per skin tone. LSD artist are very good with color mixing. LSD has proven record of artist previous work .LSD gives best price guarantee with quality work.


LSD don’t compromise with hygiene factor, gives 100% guarantee of infection free tattoo. LSD always prefer all disposable product i.e. Ink, Ink-cup, Grip, Needle, Vitamin A&D, Green Soap, Gloves, Tissue etc. LSD always believe in high ended & certified product of Tattoo.


Once our client got inked and he is quite happy and amaze with tattoo and fully satisfied but still our roll is on, LSD support team will be connect for next two weeks to help you and remind you how easily you can do your daily routine work and how easily you can care your tattoo. After 15 Days we ask to share healed tattoo and we get relaxed with amazing result.








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